HedBanz Family Game Review

HedBanz Take another look at the HedBanz game box. Do you see how much fun those cartoon kids are having? You and your real kids can have just as much fun playing the HedBanz game.

The game play is quite simple really. You’ve a stack of cards with various images, a timer and some tokens to keep track of who’s winning. You and your kid grab a HedBanz card (without looking at it) and place it in the small notch in the band that should be resting atop your head. Each player takes turns asking one another yes or no questions until they can guess just what is on their HedBanz card.

Simple and delightfully fun. I mean, this game will make you and your children belly laugh.

One of the best parts of HedBanz is the lack of rules, or rather the lack of need to follow rules. Sure, the game comes with a set of rules but it’s premise is so simple that you can adjust the game play to suit the age and mannerism of the kids and adults playing. This is gold and makes game nights something special.

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